Access Control Systems – Easy Solutions For Your Security

New York City locksmiths are always faced with challenges, the lifer in this big bustling city never stops and with normal and regular people living their lives in the different parts of the big apple, some not so friendly criminals are taking advantage of the advancements in technology and the easiness of bypassing old and outdated systems to make their life easier.

The same changes and advances in technology can be used by residents of large apartments buildings and privet houses to increase their property and family security without getting into heavy expenses and having to go through an agonizing months of remodeling and changing their property structure, the basic answer to the immediate security needs is an advanced access control system, in our case it will be a New York city access control system, one that is adjusted to the big apple and the needs of its residents.

Keycard control have become more and more popular over the years. Keycard access control systems are very popular in commercial surrounds especially office buildings and motels. The New York City access control system will only grant access to those with the appropriate keycard. The keycards can be programmed and deprogrammed at the will of the owner of the establishment. It is possible to allow the keycard to expire within a certain amount of time. This is great for motels because they can allow access to certain keycards for a certain amount of time based on the amount of time the customer has paid for.

Keypad access control have also become quiet popular in the past few years. Keypads were originally for businesses only but they have become useful in homes across the nation recently as well. Keypads are actually a key part of any home security system. They keypad can allow you to perform a number of actions including allowing anyone with the proper code to have access to a particular room or particular building. They can also be used to arm and disarm the entire alarm system which comes in handy when leaving or entering the room.

A good New York City locksmith company should be able to install a New York City access control system in your home within twenty four hours after receiving an initial service call. If your particular locksmith doesn’t respond within that amount of time then it is a good idea to switch locksmith.

Be sure to check out emergency services provided by each and every locksmith company. You never know when you are going to lock yourself out of your hour or out of your car. During times like these it is a good comforting feeling knowing that your locksmith will arrive to your location within an hour.

Wireless Access Control

Advances in wireless technology, combined with the increasing demand for reliable communication and property security systems, have led to a significant rise in the variety of wireless access control devices that are now available on the market. These devices dramatically enhance the convenience and safety of a business by giving the people who work there the capacity to remotely control the entrances to the property and to communicate easily with people over long distances. Investing in one of these innovative products makes your property a much more enjoyable and secure place to be.

There are many advantages of installing a wireless access control system as a method of communication and security within a property:

  • They are extremely cheap and easy to install and maintain as they do not rely upon complicated and expensive underground wiring.
  • They are very cheap to run as there are no ongoing operating costs as there would be access control systems that use regular telephone lines. The only costs involved after purchasing the system are occasionally changing the batteries (unless you AC or solar power them).
  • They are very reliable and not susceptible to outages that seem to affect the public telephone grid or to wire cuts caused by digging, rodents, or other causes.
  • Wireless access control systems are extremely easy to operate as they generally only involve the push of a button to facilitate direct communication with other connected devices.
  • Fitting property entrances with a video or voice communication system means that any visitors to the property can be easily identified prior to being granted access.
  • The remote control gate opening function adds an additional level of convenience by eliminating the need to manually open the entrance for guests.

There are a wide variety of wireless access control systems that can be installed in homes or businesses and technological advances have made these systems much more affordable in recent years. Some of the most popular wireless access control systems that are currently available include the following:

The Outdoor Intercom Callbox

This is a heavy duty, weather resistant wireless system that provides easy communication between a callbox that is situated at a specific fixed location, and other handheld intercom devices. It allows for long range communication between the devices over a distance of up to one-mile. This distance can be increased with the addition of an external antenna. These systems have become very popular for businesses where reliable and easy to operate two-way communication must be available at all times, but running wire is not possible or is too expensive.

The Outdoor Intercom Callbox with Gate Opening Relay

This system has all of the same features as the Outdoor Intercom Callbox above, with the addition of the “gate relay” element that can be used to remotely open a gate for a visitor. A switch output is built into the callbox that enables it to perform a range of functions where an on/off switch is used. These situations include opening or closing a gate or magnetic door, turning on a light or sounding an alarm. The device that sends the signal to open the gate can be a base station intercom or even a handheld two way radio so personnel opening the gate can be mobile.

Another useful feature of these systems is the “listen in” function. When the “listen in” button is pressed a transmitter in the callbox is activated which enables the user to listen for any sounds that are coming from the area surrounding the callbox for a period of up to 30 seconds. In this way they are able to discretely monitor activity in the vicinity of the callbox location.

Wireless Digital Video Monitor Systems

If you also need to see who is at a gate or door a wireless camera system is a nice companion to the wireless callboxes. While they don’t transmit as far as a callbox, in applications where less than 450 feet is needed between devices, a digital wireless video camera system can do the job for you. How far the camera will transmit depends on a number of factors like type of solid objects the signal will pass through such as walls and doors, plus any other interference encountered. Your range will likely be lower.

These innovative systems use wireless digital technology to provide the best possible monitoring of property entrances. These systems also typically consist of two components. The first is a wireless camera that is fitted above the door or gate at the entrance to the property. This unit is weather resistant. The second component is a monitor placed inside the property. This high resolution screen displays the image from the camera and the controls enable the operator to perform a wide range of functions.

The wireless access control systems outlined above significantly improve modern businesses by providing greater communication, security and remote control over the property. Technological advances in the field of property security and wireless communication have led to an incredible new range of affordable, exciting and innovative products which will increase safety and security of your business.

The outdoor camera is triggered by a sensor alert which also activates a sound alarm within the property. The video system uses sophisticated digital, encrypted technology to deliver secure, quality video. Based on the images, the operator can then chose whether to communicate with the visitor via the callbox speaker system or to open the gate remotely and allow them to enter the property. You can hook the camera system up to a digital video recorder to record and store the images for later use.

The wireless access control systems outlined above significantly improve modern businesses by providing greater communication, security and remote control over the property. Technological advances in the field of property security and wireless communication have led to an incredible new range of affordable, exciting and innovative products which will increase safety and security of your business.

Biometric Access Control Systems For Homes

Security has become more sophisticated all through these years. And this does not only mean security in places of work but also in our homes. These days, we can hear about homes equipped with sophisticated access control devices. You might think that this only refers to the homes of the rich and famous and you might be surprised to know that even those who live in apartments in big cities or those who live in the suburbs are already starting to enjoy the benefits of having keyless door lock systems installed in their homes. You might find this surprising but you better believe this is real.

These days, keyless access control devices are the newest advancements in home security. These devices have the same purpose as the traditional deadbolt locks that we know: keeping unauthorized persons out of our living spaces. But unlike padlocks or door knobs that require keys, these devices take away the hassle of forgetting or losing our keys. They also take away the problems with locking yourself out of your own home. And this is the wonder that keyless locks bring.

These keyless access control devices can come in many forms. They can be voice activated and there are also those that require smart cards for access. There are also those that can be activated through phones but these devices are best for use in large offices. If we go back to the household level, we can also look into keyless lock systems that make use of biometric technology.

Biometric lock systems have been introduced to homes more recently. These biometric lock systems require a unique body part to be included in their database before access can be given to a certain person. This can already mean a lot to home security, especially with the fact that traditional locks can be picked or bumped into. In some cases, keys can even be duplicated without our knowing, but our unique body parts only belong to us and there is no other person who has the same finger print, voice pattern or eye image like ours.

If you are considering installing fingerprint door locks in your home, there is no better time to start learning more about them than now. You can ask your handyman about them. You can also look into what options you have when it comes to fingerprint door locks in home improvement stores or do-it-yourself shops.